Tattoo on the small of a woman's back, usually roundish with rays or flames and two colors (green and/or red will be invovled most often), located precisely where a guy should set his beer while nailing her doggie style. Most prevalent with porn stars, wannabe porn stars, biker chicks, drrrty grrrls, and suburban fluff chicks who want everybody to think they're hard.
Gents - Are you horny? Then hit the club and scout for chicks with the Bar Slut Hat Trick - crop top, low-rider pants or skirt, and beer coaster tatt on display. (Tight jeans with high heels also a good indicator.)
by The Evil Steve September 06, 2005
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beer coaster - is the discription of a cd, dvd or blue ray which holds no real value and will never in the future.
i went out and bought that joel turner cd and it's a real "beer coaster"
every chance i get i give him a spin under my beer.
by bryan ham June 13, 2009
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The new Green Day CD!

Don't listen to it,it's horrible!

Just place your beer can on it.
This goes out to all the non-idiot Americans!
by this CD is really bad September 27, 2004
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It is associated with basic/rough figures traditionally done on the back of a beer coaster at a pub while drinking.

An example might be mates working out the cost of a fishing trip, so "Fuel will be about $100, bait about $50, accom about $200 and good about $200". So rough/approximate figures.
According to my beer coaster maths, it would be about $500. But if you want a more accurate number I'd obviously have to look it up, speak to the suppliers etc.
by Damian W November 17, 2016
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