Daige(also spelt as daijee/dage)pronounced as de-i-j basically means girlfriend or chick
Mike:Howz your daige
John:Oh my daige is cool man we went out last night
by thebestrappaalive June 1, 2009
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A popular Budapest-based contemporary womenswear brand that creates mini collections centred around a specific theme or inspiration.
- Where did you get that cool t-shirt?
- It’s from Daige. I love it!
by October 2, 2020
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Off MTVs show Teen Wolf Derek as a teenager was in love with a girl named Paige
Derek+Paige= Daige
Derek and Paige were adorable together #daige
by Malia Tate Hale December 27, 2018
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a daig is a dick and vagina put together. found mainly in transvestites but can be removed or added. having a daig means that you have a dick and then in the between of the dick and the balls there is a slit of the vagina it does have the clitoris and all other features.
Is that a man or a woman?

Both I think it has a daig
by pikkle June 13, 2014
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Sexiest man alive. Will have kids with the first letter in the alphabet. Very intelligent and kind. Ida family man. Doesn’t get taken for a fool. Tends to be misunderstood by ladies but is a ladies man. Is very good at sex. Will have kids before thirty but after 25. Is religious
Oh that guy Daige Yh he’s a hoe
by Unicornsflyandfairysdint November 23, 2021
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