drinking during the day. generally used by college kids when referring to daytime festivities. similar to day rage
we daged so hard at knoxapalooza that roman and chen made out again
by testudbro May 13, 2011
under radar, not seen by authority, invisible
by Dage Toxic January 13, 2004
when two weirdos that like each other and the guy likes when the girl rides his back
Allison: Hey look Sage and Dan are both smiling!
John: You cannot deny that dage is a thing
dage -- noun -- shortened for of grindage , from grind meaning "to eat" -- (1) any food or drink (2) a meal
The girls can help out by picking up the dage while we're shooting the film.

C'mon, let's grab some dage.
by Kozak November 24, 2003
Combination of the words day and raging, meaning to rage, party hard and drink all day long. Only to be used when drinking heavily, with the onset usually some time before 3:00 p.m. not ending anytime before 12:00 a.m. the next day.
What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo?
We're daging at Zachs house, come over with lots of Corona & tequilla.
by Druss930 May 6, 2013
Another word for chick,originated in dallas texas.
A:damn yo dage real fine
B:yeah she is real sexy
by William Makoni September 10, 2007
A really long time... (Days + Ages = Dages)
Damn, I ain't seen you in dages. How you been?
by Pandaryder July 29, 2009