Dagmar is the name of a smart, funny, extremely sexy, beautiful and she is just one of a kind. She loves to dance and parties all the time. She is also extremely clever and loves to read books. When she walks down the street, not only boys, but also girls turns their heads to see what a hottie that just walked past them. She is also so down to earth and she has so much swag!
Guy1: Omg, you should have seen this girl! She was amazing.
Guy2: Ohh, was she a Dagmar or what?
Guy1: yearh! She was soooo hot
Guy2: Ohhhhh nice!
by just.as.good.as.google.com October 14, 2011
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When ur mother thinks ur 11 years old and patronizes you
Me: Your mother is such a Dagmar.
Them: Yeah i know :(
by Vajtek November 2, 2023
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A dragon hunter that lived during the years of "instability" Known to perform magic and for his wild bursts of fury.
Remembered for his efforts to destroy the devil using the power of every dragon he ever killed only through the words of the ancient and the lost books of "Dangerous and Mystical Creatures"
"I swear, if you keep doing this I will go Dagmar on you."

"Something dagmary got into him, and he just destroyed the opponent in the ring."
by DragonStudy April 11, 2010
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A scary creature that appears only at parties and bars. Previously a mild-mannered female, the 'Dagmar' personality takes hold after one too many beers. Generally caught 'dirty dancing' (complete with pelvic thrusts) by themselves. Avoid at all costs.
"Don't go downstairs or you'll be subjected to the fiery wrath of the Dagmar."
"You mean that girl is STILL dancing down there?!"
by Anonymous September 7, 2003
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Mike- “Damn bro that girl is sexy “
Owen- “yo she has the Dagmar you better use protection
by Tridan December 2, 2017
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- Noun
Chicargo slang, commonly used against people with diabetes or just fat people. You have probably heard of the word "DaDagger", which just is a mutated version of Dagmar holten. DaDagger can also be used as an synonym to "nigga", like "what up my Dagger".
Person 1: What up fatty, you dagmar holten or what?
Person 2: *cries*
Person 1: yeah cry that fat out fatty
by MikeTheShikes October 31, 2019
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Super hot mom that gets all the milfs, dilfs, gilfs, and even be turning people gay.
Me: I wanna be a hot mom
friend: just look at Dagmar for inspiration
by DagmarFan5000 July 19, 2023
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