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A daddy kink is a kink where mostly during sex the dominate person will be called daddy and the "daddy" is dominant over their princess/kitten. A daddy kink is non incest and is very kinky
While me and Steve were having sex he spanked me and wanted me to call him daddy. I think he has a daddy kink.
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by Daddyskittee July 21, 2017
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When your girl has a daddy kink. She will call you daddy as a sexual turn on. She will most likly call you β€œdaddy” while having sexual intercourse.
β€œLast night my girl was calling me daddy when we were in the sheets. Bro Ik she had a daddy kink. But she got it bad.”
by Kinky girl May 05, 2018
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While having sex with a boy they may tell you to call them daddy as a turn on. A girl may also like to call a boy daddy as a turn on
I have a daddy kink
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by Jimins lost jams February 17, 2019
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Where during sexual intercourse the male is being aroused when the female or cooresponding male called him "daddy"
When we were having sex the other day he said to call him daddy to get him off I think he might have a daddy kink
by mr.mime October 14, 2013
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