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A term for a dynamic used in gay culture to define a relationship or fantasy role-play between an older usually dominate "Daddy" and a younger normally submissive "boy". The age range may be fluid and the term boy does not equate to an underage minor. Commonly the Daddy acts as a guide or mentor to the boy and can exert a measure of control and care over the life of the boy including discipline when needed and sexual activity normally geared to "Daddy in charge". This dynamic may include age play and fantasy.
Bill has entered into a Daddy boy relationship with a guy half his age.
Mark posted an ad in the personals seeking Daddy boy role-play.
by Papabearak1 October 19, 2017
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(1)A young man compared to an older look-alike of himself.
(2) A young father
(1)Look at Mr Edwards Antony *Compares them As they look Alike* Daddy Boy!
(2) Look at him Marge, He's 15 years old and got a son, a real daddy-boy

by NSssssssssssssssssssssss February 03, 2009
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