A dad who involves himself in his son's and friends' activities. He's at least forty and thinks he's young, cool and one of the bros. Stocked with all the tools and toys; e.g. boat, weights, PS4, big screen TV, stainless steel BBQ grill, motorcycles, etc.

Common activities include: gym workouts with his son and friends, boating, mainstream sports, watching pay-per-view mixed martial arts, pool parties, chilling at the beach, attending major sporting events with his son, friends and their girlfriends.
"Dad bro! When are you gonna take us to wakeboard at Lake Tahoe?"
by ChaffingMavericks July 21, 2014
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It's where two guys who are best friends adopt a child and raise it together without any women. Except for nanny's (as many as you'd like)
Kid: "my bro dads are so cool, they don't make me clean or do any chores"
by Katie’s brother October 06, 2019
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A millennial dad who doesn't realize he is 35+ and still wears backwards hats and dresses like he's in middle school. They often play video games, have beards, are heavily involved in frisbee golf, and seem to never be at work.
Did you see that total bro dad over there. I swear he acts like an eighth grader
by Nickascoobie March 29, 2020
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