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A caring generous person who is confident and a leader. She also is a clever and talented in all aspects.

She aspires to be a courageous succeeding human being and has determination in everything she does.
Person 1: Heyy Daanya

Daanya: heyy babe!

Person 1: i love you so much, everyone wants to be you, why are you so perfect ;)

Daanya: haha, i just am!
by gorgeousssssssssssssssssssssss November 26, 2012
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A kind,warm hearted and overall caring person, Daanya is a total catch ;)
She is a hot fiery girl and is gorgeous, hair is long and perfect. She is witty and amazing at comebacks but is afraid to let her gaurd down when it comes to guys. She makes friends quickly and is popular in school. When it comes to boys she has a high standard but not because she is rude, because she is anxious with letting them into her life! When you finally het her don’t let her go, she is the total catch!

She is smart, her fav subjects are law, English, art and dt! She is great at debating and is soooo very creative! She will help absolutely anyone in need x
Girl 1: omg I am sooo stuck with this homework! I don’t know what to do.

Daanya: heyy! I can help! Don’t stress about it xx babes
by Shadowquake11 May 07, 2018
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