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Abbreviation for Dont Worry About It. It is actually pronounced D-waI or D.Y this is because of the i at the end. Anyone who pronounces it Dway is a troll. This short form version is also good for confusing this crap outta people.
"What did you do last night"
"D.y, whats that mean?"
"Dont Worry About It"
"No I Wanna Know"
"Srsly Dont Worry About It"
by An Hero Barrel Roll July 15, 2009
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An acronym for 'Don't worry about it, sweetheart.'
Person 1: What are you guys doing tonight?

Person 2: dwais

Person 1: Huh?

Person 2: Don't worry about it, sweetheart!
by Eytan Elbaz September 24, 2007
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An acronym for the phrase, "Don't Worry About It." Used when an annoying ass person tries to get into a conversation or when you just wanna keep something on the DL. When used on aim it is just spelled dwai but when used in person it is pronounced "D-Way".
You: Dude did you hear about megan making out with chelsea at the party last night?
Kyle: Yeah man i saw it, those two girls are sooo slutty
Noob: HEY GUYS!!!11 what girls are u talking about??!!??
You: Dwai bitch...
Noob: ahhh c'mon guys im cool ill keep it locked up in the grilly
Kyle: noob...stop trying to do it....dwai
by Doc W Dubz AKA Winga April 22, 2006
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Dont worry about it, you say it when you want to be an idiot to people or u just dont want them to know what your talking about.
Dave: hey derek whats up?
Derek: dwai.
Dave: HUH?
Derek: jfgi
Dave: i dont understand?
Derek: good..
by TrixOG-FAGGET November 05, 2009
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