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Down to Zombie -

When one is so drunk that they are blacked out which leads to puking all over themselves and then proceeding to chase after people trying to give hugs while covered in their own vomit.

This results in a zombie-like pursuit of other individuals as the brain is shut down, the individual is unable to perform simple tasks such as moving around an obstacle (i.e. a chair) to attempt to hug a person and will eventually end up chasing someone else.
DTZ drinks 10 beers, 2 4Locos, and decides to share his last 4Loco with friends. He give some to a male friend in a cup (which also contained UV Vodka), and another male friend steals the 4Loco to stop DTZ from drinking. This angers DTZ and proceeds to chug the cup not knowing there was UV Vodka in it.

DTZ is blacked out, vomits on himself and proceeds chase his friends around covered in vomit. People run away and put obsicles in between DTZ and themselves, however, a female friend attempts to clean DTZ off and ends up being the victim and gets hugged.

DTZ then pours 3 beers onto himself claiming victory!
by dtzguy June 02, 2011
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