A Legendary Name. Only true lebo's are Moussa
Oii man im scared.. Moussa is ganna kill me
by Craig May 6, 2005
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Moussa is the name of the sexiest man on this planet, any girl would be blessed if she ends up with him. Any girl would fall in love with him at first sight.
Let's go talk to Moussa, he looks so sexy
by Anymous nigga December 9, 2016
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Someone with some sexy beard, liked by every being, will impregnate your mum by air thrusting her. He is the dady of dadies, the peak of male evolution. Has a big fat man dingo.

-Only acceptant of white thots
-Proud Nazzi
-LGBT ISIS bomber

-Naruto running with Hitler in the rain
-Slapping Women
-Sucking on anime tities
-Shagging your mum
-Playing tennis with your dead nan
Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn, Moussa's back at it again
by Wank_General69 June 13, 2020
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"Look at that moussa over there"

"That moussa is so nice"

"Hey, don't touch that moussa, she's mine.
by Papa Moose August 30, 2011
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The most softhearted man there is, reliable, loyal to the fault, especially to whom he loves, down to earth, does things himself because he always wants them done right and on time ! Might comlplain about helping people that don't deserve him but keeps doing it anyway, sweethearted, timid, charismatic, but too easy to get agitated (mostly about things not done right)
-Do you know that guy, what's his name umm, the smiley one who's always nice and sheerful ?
-You mean Moussa ?
-Oh, yeah ! That guy . He's a good man bruh, he really did me a big favor last night, imma never forget that .
by It ain't about hard you hit January 1, 2022
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the name Moussa is the name of the fatest white man on earth and eats 100 cheeseburgers in an second
Moussa why are u fat
by skinny and fat nigger October 2, 2019
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