DSA stands for the “Democratic Socialists of America”. DSA is on of the worlds’ biggest socialist organizations with people who are dedicated to fighting for a better world. For the many, not for the few.
I just joined the DSA this year! You should join too!
by LuciferLovesiPhones666 December 20, 2018
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Drunken Sluts Anonymous
A group similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous, see aa. Where men and women talk about who they have had sex with while being drunk on top of that. This group usually consists of one night stands and not remebering the guy/girl next to them in the bed the next morning. The group instills manners for that person that just left the apartment, guys pay the cab fare, and ladies don't make a scene etc.
Motto: If I don't remember it, then it didn't happen.

"I had to much to drink one night and don't remember a damn thing,except in the moring there was a strange man in my bed. I didn't remember sleeping with him but it was clear it happened. That is why I joined the DSA."
by Tatiana April 11, 2005
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Abbreviation for Dirtstar Army, a grassroots movement started in the early 2000's by a professional mountainboarder named Van Dewitt that promotes unity among dirtboarders and aims to increase awareness of the sport in the United States. Popularity of the movement has increased recently due to pro riders, Halston Rhodes, Dave "Star Fighter" Steifvater, and Mason Moore getting involved.
DSA taught me how to ride a mountainboard and find riders in my area.
by Salt Lake Sammy May 25, 2007
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Deadstar Assembly - a South Florida-based "goth rock/cyber punk" band.
That DSA concert last night at "The Culture Room" was wicked!!
by DSAFans.com September 3, 2006
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An acronym for Damned Skinny Asian. It's used mainly to refer to girls and young women, although some men are technically DSAs. The term originated due to the propensity of people of Asian descent to be slimmer (and thus, more healthy-looking) than the average American. Originally used derisively, the term has taken on a second meaning -- namely, Asians in general.
Wow, take a look at that DSA in the yellow skirt. Her body mass index must be in the 5th percentile!
by mattbrundage July 11, 2008
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"He beats off to something weird, but it doesn't really fit any specific fetish; I chalk it up to the ole DSA."
by Exilechamp1 May 1, 2004
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Dick separation anxiety

When the dick so good your girl misses it immediately
Girl 1: How was last night?
Girl 2: boy be giving me DSA girl
Girl 1: shiiiiiit that good?
by Alabie August 24, 2018
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