Dead Right There

Used by EMT's/Paramedics to describe a dead person that no treatment will bring back, thus being left in the position they were found for the coroner or funeral home.
He got hit by a truck and there's barely anything left. Definitely a DRT.
by NM 53 October 17, 2005
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(acronym) Abbreviation for radio used by police stating a subject/person is deceased, particularly in reference to drug overdoses.
In his standard chameleon-style voice Trooper Baker stated in his transmission “ subject was found at the premises, subject was DRT so emergency medical attention is not required...”. ‘Shit’ he thought, I was looking to make an arrest too’. Looking over the corpse, and someone’s son he spat, “Why’d ya have to be dead for, you junk-o loser?”
by Nikki Stixx March 22, 2021
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Dead Right There, usually in a dramatic fashion like being hit by a bus or jumping off a building.
That guy jumped off the building and was DRT.
by City Pig July 10, 2009
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In the emercency services sector ie fire,police,ems refers to a dead person ;means "dead right there"
What we got? the guys got GRS+2 (gun shot wounds,shot twice) he is DRT.
by trulov429 January 8, 2010
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Defford Ravers Ting
What are the DRTs doin

this is where you are part of a clan you have to be a rude boy to join no weebs allowd
by admortiky February 28, 2019
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A specialized group of friends that hang out daily and do hoodrat shit until at least 2:30 in the morning. Usually males and if females want to join that have to count money naked.
Also used as an adjective to mean crazy, baller, and sweet.
He climbed up that stone wall and did a double back flip off of it. It was so DRT.
by PRT KILLER June 7, 2011
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