Disease Ridden Dick
Jane: Ew. Did you know Matt has drd?

Sarah: No, what's drd?
Jane: Disease Ridden Dick
by fattits69 January 04, 2015
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Date Rape Drug

Date rape drug refers to any drug that can be used to assist in the commission of a sexual assault (date rape).

The term "date rape drug" originated in journalism and has no strict scientific or legal definition, because a wide variety of substances can be used to incapacitate a person, and all of them have sometimes been taken willingly by people in other situations. Drugs used to facilitate rape may have sedative, hypnotic, dissociative, and/or amnesiac effects, and may be added to a food or drink without the victim's knowledge.
I was at a local club last night and the bouncer on the door was giving a statement to the Police after finding some DRD's on a young man trying to enter the club.
by Butter! July 23, 2009
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Dick riding demon first used by hood on dev because dev was being a demon by dickeating
by Big hood October 27, 2018
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An abbreviation used for noob online clans who think they are pro.
DARKLIQUID: team/ man we just got dicked on wtf guys
XRAYKARMA: team/ stfu man we own, just lag
XRAYKARMA: all/ u sloths we own u gfg
XxHiTxMaNxJaYxX all/ y u below me? DrD sloth clan kk
by Hoolay88 July 06, 2010
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That is that
by TrygveLmaoKarlstad November 09, 2017
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En drd er når man går på badet så driter, runker også dusjer.
Tim: hei hei.
Tom: hei va skjer?
Tim: ingenting tenkte å spørre om du ville finne på noe?
Tim: nei er trøtt å sliten tenker å bare ta meg en DRD også legge meg..
Tom: okei kos deg🤣
Tim: hade.
by Robmaster666 March 22, 2019
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Drd short for “dick ride donovan”
Is he real no one knows. He gives you the best sex experience of your life no questions asked. He will ride your dick like it should be ridden. Hes a myth. Or is he a legend. No one can quite answer that yet. All we know is that hes anything you want him to be.
“Hey have your heard about drd he’s an upcoming rapper.”
“Is drd real?”
“Drds a myth and a legend
“That guy last night, drd gave me the best sex experience I’ve ever had”
by Fraydawg November 13, 2017
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