A male or female who can become angered by video games and flying monkeys. When angered there is normally defecation and plastic surgury. Can also describe a bed wetter.
Legge got all upitty because of world of warcraft and flying monkeys.
by Rico Suave's Dace Floor July 29, 2006
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A southern east coast slang (typically used in Northern Virginia) that means either you got a bunch girls in your phone or it could be used a another word for a thot
Bruh real live slim shawty a leg Bob she was sleeping with like twelve dudes

I got like thirteen leggs hitting me up on my phone.

by Jaden Browner November 26, 2018
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A term used to describe someone that refuses to eat vegetables or fruit.
"Fuck i am sick of those leggs cunts, all they eat is meat"
by N-DAWG March 10, 2015
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A mixture of Mexican, Irish, Italian and German. Often geeky and small, but have the potential to do things a man twice their size couldn't.
Friend 1: 'Ey man, get over here and help me lift this couch.

Friend 2: Nah man, someone told me you was a legg, prove it.
by The Great Nemesis January 18, 2011
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Someone who is horrible at relationships but good when it comes to fucking
'Kyle Jenner's a total legg why would you ever date Her"?
by Bitchfit in sec January 16, 2017
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great big joint, over size joint
a joint that is rooled real fat.is called a hog legg.
by steven allen gibson June 26, 2007
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