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An unlikely symbiotic coupling frequently spotted in the wild in impoverished 3rd World Countries in South East Asia.

Typically consists of a morbidly obese (or otherwise hideously unattractive) old German bloke, wearing'Tropical' floral prints and tight khaki shorts on a scooter with an unfeasibly gorgeous young asian girl (who weighs a minimum of 100kgs less than her sweaty balding suitor) clamped around his waist.

While technically referring to a couple, the correct usage of the derogatory term DOMAG generally only applies to the male in the 'arrangement'. eg :

"Goodness Phylis, can you take a quick snap of that enormous sweaty friggin' DOMAG over there, I wanna show it to Steve in accounts when I get back, he won't believe his eyes."


"Yeah I'd love to go down to the beach, but you can't move for sunburnt DOMAGs and I'm not letting Mum and the kids near that lot".

Other closely related strains of the DOMAG family are MAGAGS (Middle Aged Guy Asian Girl), YAGAGS (Young Anglo Guy Asian Girl) and GISMO (A very specific localised Australian DOMAG/MAGAG/YAGAG native - derived from "Geek In Sydney Man Overseas").

The common uniting thread on all DOMAG variations is a new-found (completely misguided) affirmation of 'red-hot sexiness', and a willingness to continue paying for it.
by Maury_Povich September 14, 2008
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