Swe - Din mamma är så fet att då rullade över två femtioäringar blev det en enkrona.

Eng - Yo mama so fat she rolled over 4 quarters and it made a dollar!
by Din Mamma January 01, 2008
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Swedish word, means "Yo fuckin' Moma". It means the same thing as yo mama.
Du är en jävla böghora.. (You fucking gay slut) Din mamma är jävla böghora!
by wOo0TzA!? March 26, 2005
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Swedish for "I'm fucking your mother". Not literally ofcourse. mostly. It's more likely to be used as an insult instead of being a statement.
Guy: Jag knullar din mamma!!
Me: Då är vi kvitt.
by GodIsDead- January 25, 2017
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Knulla din mamma is a Swedish term which, when translated literally, means Fuck your mother. Although when used the meaning of the term often is equivalent to the meaning of Fuck you and fuck off in the English language.

Despite the above, knulla din mamma can be used even more broadly and also include the meaning equivalent to the English phrases go to hell or burn in hell. Sometimes when used in the blame game it just means suit yourself, it’s your own fault, blame yourself and so on.
Varje gång kommer du till mig, men knulla din mamma, gå till någon annan för en gångs skull.

Everytime you’re coming to me, but fuck off, go to somebody else for once.
by T. Aram Ash October 04, 2021
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