DMB is an acronym for Dirty Mucky Bitch
"No. There is no way I would go out with that one. She has been out with all the guys in the town. They all say she is a DMB. Several of them had to go to the hospital for a check after they had been out with her"
by I. M. Stias February 7, 2006
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DMB is an acronym for Definitely Marvelous Bondage
I heard of a guy married to a Domme. She had him tied up in knots.
He said she knew what she was doing. It was DMB
by Criostoir Hulme September 24, 2006
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Acronym for the now defunct Disturbed Message Board, which was closed down in 2005 because the band (more specifically David Draiman and Mike Wengren) couldn't take the heat of their own fans critisims.
" What happend to the DMB?"
" Draiman had a freak out and ordered it closed"
by DMBMember September 11, 2006
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Do my Butt. Basically to do yourself
Im going to DMB to meet with you today
by DoMBee December 9, 2009
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N: Dave Mathews Band also called the best band by Mike and Jake.
I like dmb
by Brandon December 14, 2003
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Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is the muzak soundtrack of the yuppie (and proto-yuppie) class's lifestyle.

DMB exists to provide "chill time" and a false sense of third-world earthiness (he's like, white, but African, yanno?) between Economics papers and/or Marketing Team meetings.

DMB is carefully formulated to be well-played and intricately composed while guaranteeing not to significantly challenge its listeners' musical expectations, social viewpoints, and hazy comfort beyond pot-laced commentary like ". . .man. . .that solo is fucking GENIUS!"

In short, DMB is the Kenny G of the Bonnaroo generation.
I was crazy stressed from my Econ test already, then my dad called to tell me my mutual fund was down. Bullshit! So I packed a bowl and slipped on some DMB to, y'know, chillax.
by RJ to the C March 17, 2008
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