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DarkLordPotter. A popular bulletin board dedicaced to Harry Potter fanfictions, frequented by many quality fanfiction writers.
DLP = DarkLordPotter
by jnt3350 November 22, 2007
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Dry Land Pee
The act of peeing yourself on purpose while standing on dry land with your bottoms still on. Similar to pissing yourself.
The act of DLP'ing tends to drive women wild with excitement.
Billy and I went to beach today, instead of peeing in the water, I decided to pull a DLP on shore.
by KillaMillz March 24, 2011
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Dirty Little Prostitute

Young girls who dress like older whores. Can be used to identify them within earshot.
Lets go to the mall at lunch and check out all the DLPs.
by randall flaggggg November 12, 2008
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