Joe: Yo shotgun that beer
Frank: Nah bruh, I'm good
Joe: Come on man! DIFS
Frank: Oh, alright
by chiggachigga24 December 21, 2017
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Term used in Ireland for spinning a RWD car in circles, what Americans would call a donut. Very popular in Mk2 escorts, 80s/90s BMWs and Twin Cams
Sir, you shoulda seen the lads diffing the twin cams last night outside Dungannon
by Doire Abú September 22, 2009
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Do It For State

Mostly for college students, if your friend tells you to do something crazy you must DIFS. Also can be heard at parties, record it when you do something crazy so it can go on the DIFS twitter and Instagram page
John: dude you must drink 7 shots

Tyler: I can't do that

All his friends: #DIFS BRO!
by _e.ryan_ June 25, 2017
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- refers to a culture of people with rear wheel drive vehicles (usually ae86 corollas and S-bodied nissans) meeting up and doing donuts at crossroads, shopping centres and industrial parks, especially late at night. It`s seen by some as a starting point towards drifting where people can learn how to control a slide without serious risk of injury, but is widely sneered at by mature drivers.
People interested in diffing(differs) tend to be very young drivers who cannot afford to attend drift events and see diffing as a way of being able to be involved in the modified car scene.
Are you coming out diffing with us tonight?

We were at a (insert cruising forum name) meet last night and Dave was diffing his brothers twincam.
by tarmac surfer September 7, 2009
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When a group of knob heads gather to wreck their cars by spinning around in circles, usually done by joy riders from west belfast and little boys who think twin (tin) cams and old beemers as old as the hills are cool
diffing - does she go round mister..
by diffin is for losers July 23, 2008
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John: I'm pointing my gun at my head right now.
Random guy: DIF!
by Xtremetard March 15, 2009
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Acronym (Dick In The Face).
Describes a woman who makes large efforts to look as sexy as possible and does, but looks really stuck up as well. She could use a dick in the face to humble her. Highly desirable for the dick owner.

Noun: DIF, diffy
-Did you see that girl? What an angel.
- No Way! She looks like a bitch, but damn she is fine. Straight diffy.
by lostonewithoutacause November 9, 2011
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