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Joe: Yo shotgun that beer
Frank: Nah bruh, I'm good
Joe: Come on man! DIFS
Frank: Oh, alright
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by chiggachigga24 April 21, 2018
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Dirty Indian Fuck, an Indian fuck who you find particularly "dirty" (annoying, stupid, gay, dumb, etc.) ...perfect in any social situation!
George: Shit man, I cut my thumb!

Abhayaprada: *indian accent* no problem doot, just rub some curry on it!

George: Ugh, whatta DIF!!
by J x SM00TH November 25, 2009
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Acronym (Dick In The Face).
Describes a woman who makes large efforts to look as sexy as possible and does, but looks really stuck up as well. She could use a dick in the face to humble her. Highly desirable for the dick owner.

Noun: DIF, diffy
-Did you see that girl? What an angel.
- No Way! She looks like a bitch, but damn she is fine. Straight diffy.
by lostonewithoutacause November 08, 2011
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DiFS stands for Division of iPod & Family Services. Much like DYFS (Division of Youth & Family Services), DiFS serves to protect all Apple products that are the victims of neglect and abuse by their owners, such as people who bring food and drinks around their computers, people who leave their Apple products unattended in a crowded wi-fi location to grab a coffee at the counter, etc.
Oh my. That guy just left his Macbook and iPhone on the table and went to order coffee. Anyone could snatch those things and run! I'm calling DiFS.
by real-diculous November 01, 2011
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The subtle dif between love and lust is that you can make a person feel like having sex, but cannot make that person love you.
by Hercolena Oliver May 28, 2010
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To make love to many women, to hide the pain in your heart.
"Wow, George was out in Croatia recently – he's been rene-diffing girls all over the continent!"

"What do you mean, rene-diffing?"

"You know, like Rene Dif, once Aqua broke up and he indulged in all those orgies..."
by gropogi October 31, 2011
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