the lazy way of saying "ditto" meaning "same"
by tmcandrew September 21, 2010
When someone say I missed you You respond Dido
by Phelon1973 January 2, 2019
1-Dido (in the Aeneid) the
queen and founder of Carthage,
who fell in love with the
shipwrecked Aeneas and killed
2-The most beautiful, most innocent, most talented female artist in pop music today
with warm vocals and touching lyrics
Simply :
Did you hear her last Album (Life For Rent) MAN! It's excellent
by Belal Abdulrahman August 29, 2005
Bland female pop starlet who rumour has it consumes her own urine on an extremely regular basis.
Christ on a bike, that Dido doesn't half guzzle a lot of piss.
by Baron von Satisfactory September 1, 2006
Is a Name you call a bad Bitch/Material Girl but when you want to use this name you have to play "Dolphin" by Soobin and Arin in the backround. Otherwise the Person will turn into a demon and fuck your mom!
A: "Hey do you know that girl from class 9.5?"
B: "Bith there are dozens of girls in 9.5 how tf am i supposed to know wich you mean?!"
A: "The Baddie with drip that prbly needs alot of holy water!"
B: "Oh, ofc I know the Dido!"
by April 4, 2022
A legendary person, best known for his quote "we will go for some pizza or something else that is not against the law.

An adjective, expressing getting angry, doing stupid things/running risk of getting hurt drunk.

Mountain didos, slang for mountain dew.
I'm getting really didos

I have to stop being this didos, I've only drank a half beer tonight.
by prof r November 3, 2012