When a guy is showing a lot of bulge or has a big bulge
by TransAF34 June 14, 2017
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SovietV is DICC
by AnonEhm July 20, 2009
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(thicc + dick)
1. when a dude has a particularly wide or thicc dick (regardless of length)
dicc, diccs

2. when someone is being a really really thick dick (a selfish idiot) like not just a dick...an mega dicc...a thick dick
dicc, diccy, diccs, diccer, diccest, dicction, etc

as many c’s may be added to empathise the thickness of ones dick or the thickness of their idiocy (e.g like heyyyyyy)
1. Person: Damnnn, he sure has one helluva dicc!

Person 2: Yeah, what it lacks in length, it makes up for in thiccness

2. Person: Jeez, man stop being such a dicc!

Person 2: A what?

Person: You’re even worse than a normal dick(head) you’re stupidity is even thicker! You’re a dicc!
by amaeveballs July 7, 2018
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a dick but with 2 cc's.
Jacob had a large dicc
by UwU hewwo July 8, 2018
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Means dick just slang for crips
by Foreignleaa March 12, 2019
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2 diccs for a nigga who want sum
by dicccocc July 17, 2019
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