A disease known to stretch out young pussy with massive girth. Symptoms include but are not limited to prolapsed pussy, abnormal vagina discharge, breaking tissue that separate vagina and anal walls and uncontrollable yearning for more vaginal scaring.

Thicc Dicc is like giving birth to a rhinoceros baby. Penetration is like a Mack Truck smacking a Prius.

Thicc Dicc gets the succ.

A vaginal widening exercise similar to fisting, except instead of a fist, it is a THICC DICC!

A dicc so thicc it is basically a white man's chode. Thicc like the barrel of a baseball bat.

To be qualified as a Thicc Dicc, one must have a dicc measurement of larger than 6 inches in circumference. Length does not matter.

Thicc Dicc > Pencil Peen

The girth will take control of your life. Something like mind control but is subtle.

Thicc Dicc draw backs are as follows:

1. No tight pants

2. No boxer briefs

3. Compared to hot Italian sausage

4. Outlines of the Thicc Dicc will show in pictures with sweat pants

and ball shorts.
Jawn: My fucking pussy is ruined from last night's sexcapade with Kevin. He thicc as hell.
Jawn Friend: Kevin got a THICC DICC!!!!

Kevin: I gave that bitch a case of Thicc Dicc last night. Had her squealing like a little virgin.
by BabyDickBandit May 31, 2017
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Huge, almost comically huge penis. Only the manliest of men have this. A penis so large that would cause the destruction of anything it comes across. Word is used as praise and worship.
Damn! Besar got that Donka Dicc!
by benchwarmer1 September 15, 2020
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Someone with the name Mia who likes to bully people
Dicc succer :One day Jacky told mia to succ a dicc but she was already succin someones dicc and that someone was a hobo
by JAcKytHEcrackHEAD October 16, 2018
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The "cool" way of saying blowjob. Typically used in a grammatically fucked way, dicc succ has originated in the furry community as a way of showing affection towards other male members.
by Swayer April 24, 2017
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a dicc that will stir ur asshole like a pot full of children
charles loved his average thursday mega dicc
by maximum sqeez April 09, 2018
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