Me: Man isn't that your girl kissing that guy over there?

Friend: No, I DGAF, we broke up last week.
by Bigtkill April 22, 2008
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The term DGAF coined by Chucky DGAF Styles. It's a lifestyle, people who are dgaf dont care JUST about getting fucked up and doing stupid things, but they really dont give a Fuck about peoples pointless fucked opinions. nough' said.
This Is Life, This Is How I'm Livin, It's Just Me, And This Is What I've Been Given, So What The Fuck You Trippin' On Me For, You Needa Raise The Fuck Up Off Me Dude, Cause I'm A Psycho, Lunatic, Lost In The Brain, Some Might Say Too Much Cocaine, But This Is Just Me And How I Is, So Gimme 5 Feet, And Mind Yo Biz."

Chucky DGAF Styles - Mind Yo Biz.
by 15deathwish15 February 28, 2008
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Don't give a f*@k
similar to (D GAS)
when you REALLY don't care!!
Prounounced DEE GAF
When someone confronts you about something that you are annoyed by, you reply "D GAF".

Commonly used in southern Cali by most teenagers
compliments of Taylor
by Toohotfrmphx August 04, 2007
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An acronym denoting a certain lifestyle. It stands for Dildo-Grabbing Ass Fucker.
Hey look at that DGAF decal on that bro's truck! He thinks it's cool to be a dildo-grabbing ass fucker!
by fish_stix July 10, 2008
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Perhaps, the most retarded acronym in the world.
Kid 1: Man, DGAF about school.
Kid 2: Dude, you're fucking retarded.
by niggerlover310 April 18, 2009
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