Deserving. Eternal .Appointed .Prosperity
The words from her poem he embraced Deaply.
by d.e.a.p lirik February 10, 2016
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When you roast someone so hard their life falls apart and they realize they are no better than the shit in the toilet
He was deaped so hard man, think he reconsidered his whole being
by WtfYouTalkingBout May 04, 2016
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When a girl has a dick so far down her throat
Hey guys I heard Mary deap throated last night therefore she was deap throating
by Ice warrior December 16, 2016
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A frase that means to run away fast and not know where you are going.
"Andy, lets mobb deap."
by Shane December 11, 2002
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The act of a man rubbing his pubic hair onto another man's anus
by JohnnyBravoFan2006 September 04, 2017
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