University in Dublin, the source of much bitterness by idiots (who don't go there) and who don't seem to realise that it is no different from any other University in Dublin, and that the vast majority of alumni aren't "west brits" or pompous assholes. In fact, a large amount of students are from the country, or foreign, thus calling them "west brits" is the height of ignorance.
I hate idiots who go around bad-mouthing Trinity
by John26 May 22, 2005
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The best college in all of Ireland. It is home to the Book of Kells and an international student community.

The object of much ridicule from those not bright enough to be accepted.
DCU student: "Oh, you go to Trinity College Dublin?"
Trinity student: "Yes.."
DCU student: "Ahahaha. Your a dickhead!!" (walks away cackling with laughter)
Trinity student: (Sigh of disbelief and a smirk of "ha, we will see who's laughing when I get a respectable job...")
by jujub994 December 31, 2011
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Breeding ground for conceited students with sore feet.
How do you know somebody goes to Trinity College?

Theyll tell you
by womoma April 16, 2005
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Dump for dim yet high-minded rich kids from around the world who failed to gain entrance to a prestigious university like Cambridge / Oxford / Harvard / Stanford / MIT / Princeton / Yale etc.
by Alan Gatling October 17, 2005
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