Originated in Tony Danza's mythic early days as a porn star. His signature move was said to be a mushroom welt (cockslap), during which he'd shout out his surname.
*wet slapping sound.* DANZA!
by Prof. DT May 19, 2006
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using your dick to slap any part of the body orignated by Tony Danza in his years before t.v. while in porn
God your going to get the danza!
by the originator April 12, 2005
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A sex move: While you are having sex with a girl from behind, you ask her "who's the boss?" When she replies you are, you remove your cock from her vagaina and say wrong Tony Danza bitch. Yell bitch and jam your cock as hard as you can into the sluts ass.
"What did you do last night?"
"I introduced a slut to the Danza"
by Dirty Camchez October 26, 2007
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Alternatively, you can say "Who's the Boss" rather than "Danza".
See above. Or below. Whatever.
by jseale1978 August 6, 2004
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the name given to the part of ones hair cut that covers the top part or top half of the ear.
check out most pictures of 1980s actor TONY DANZA.....wow, check out that dudes danzas!
by DIRTY RATZ August 6, 2006
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A less derogatory word describing a person from italian descent.
"yo check out that danza eating pasta over there"
by Wopzilla March 10, 2010
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