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1) A bowel movement of the wet and sloppy variety (i.e. diarrhea-style)

2) Any kind of bowel movement (i.e. dookie-style, dump-style, droppin-a-duce-style)

3) A nickname for a summer history intern (i.e. David Rosen)
"That catfish gave me some serious D-style!"

"Hey, D-style is wearing a cool seersucker jacket!"
by Frank Melton August 03, 2007
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The playing style in "Gunz the duel" that relies on a dagger to kill opponents.
My friend taught me d-style and I learned how to yo-yo and own some nooblets.
by LagHack October 31, 2007
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noun: Doggy style sex.
verb: The act of having sex doggy style.

May also simply refer to the general act of sex, without respect to any specific position.
Dude, did you dstyle her last night?
by Vomitorium November 11, 2005
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1. Can refer to someone who knows how to walk "the" walk and talk the talk and dress really well and this person just really knows whats going down.

2. A name given to a white dude who has the "magic" to get any chick he wants.

3. Male Definition: a guy that fucks as many women as he can
Female Definition: a male slut

4. A name given to a person who has enough game (and hence, enough respect)who can do whatever he wants, dress however he wants, say whatever crazy things he wants to say, and still win the adoration of others. Often these skills are used to earn sexual favors.

5. A term given to a male who uses women for sex or other favors usually by charming the girl till they fall in love with them.

6. Basically, this guy is a stud.

7. This word can also refer to something thats "cool"
Yo, that's d-style.

"Yo, i got laid last night"
by puker April 25, 2007
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diarrhea specifically, but can mean any type of fecal excrement.
"After Chinese food I have to take a d style"
number 2, poop, diarrhea, shit, dookie
by Mball August 07, 2007
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