someone who is sexy, pretty, honest and funny
they're usually short but they would do anything for a friend
A- "Yo look at that girl"
B- "She looks like a Rosen, I would date her"
by worddefiner3 October 27, 2013
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A verb meaning to engage in and perform aggressive oral sex upon a female while under the influence. Usage is usually accompanied by box as a reference to a womans vajina.
(1)When she asked me to do so, I felt I had no choice but to rosen the hell out of her box.

(2)I realized that the only way I could ensure my sexual dominance was to rosen her box until she asked me to stop.
(3) She didn't want to have sex with me that night, so as drunk as I was I just rosened her box until I passed out.
by gmart22 May 31, 2009
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A verb meaning to screw your friends over for your own personal gain.
Max certainly rosened his entire fantasy football league with that last trade.

I don't think you want to go on a trip with that guy. There's a strong chance you'll end up being rosened.

I never thought Scott would rosen me, but he told Becky that I have a girlfriend just so he could make her stop talking to me and go on a date with him instead.
by Mortemer Mouse November 30, 2011
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While you are playing Texas Hold'em and you have a Jack of any suit and a Ten of any suit in your hand.
J,10...that's it...The Rosen
by Ben Rosen September 27, 2004
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getting multiple blowjobs in the course of one day. each blowjob needs to end with cumming on the girl's face to be considered getting rosened.
"Dude my dick is STILL wet from getting rosened all day."

"I got rosened so hard that my dick started bleeding."
by hardharry321 May 25, 2009
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a small hobbit like creature. rarely bathes, and is often seen asking for money or smokes. Is generally either high or drunk.
that rosen owes me like twenty bucks
by rednaxelaalexander August 28, 2008
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Exploring all possible meanings of something.
Instead of fretting or obsessing about life, instead I'm going to do some Rosenating and look at the possible existential question and what each culture came up with to answer these questions.
by carollafan2 March 25, 2014
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