Danville, Illinois, a city in the east central part of the state. Population: 35,000
The city council elections in D-Vegas are often decided by a tie-breaking coin flip because of the low voter turnout.
by Aaron Camp October 22, 2007
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A town on the border of Illinois and Indiana that is known for it's shitty-ness. D-Vegas is actually Danville, Illinois, but is known as D-Vegas because of the irony. It is a ghost town. This town is where good, profitable businesses go to die. If you do not farm corn, you will become poor and be moved into section eight housing on the ghetto side of the city. Danville is a blackhole of shit, if you were born here, inevitably, you will be brought back. Somehow. Usually because you impregnated a woman and must come take care of her.
Skeeter: Man, come save me.
John: I thought you were on a road trip bro?
Skeeter: We got trapped in D-Vegas... there is no escape


Man, I had an AWESOME night in D-Vegas tonight. There was SOOOOO much stuff going on.
by Angree_Citizen April 03, 2011
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A slum that is in Illinois and has nothing going for it besides drugs and losing all your money because there are only so many good jobs and the good jobs don't even pay that good. It is trash and a lot of people end up on drugs or in and out of jail. The code name is for Danville, IL because they really don't want people to know how crappy it really is there.
Hell yeah, man, tonight was the best night I've ever had. I am glad I came to D-Vegas and did nothing all night. Thank you.

-As we get older it goes like this about the homies you went to school with, damn he's smoking pot, to damn bro your doing coke? To wow your on that brown???? to damnn your on meth???

-Well yeah, that's D-Vegas for ya.
by D-Vegas's Purest July 26, 2012
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A name used for Danville Illinois to make it sound more sophisticated, fun and vegas-like. Even though its a small and boring town 4hours from Chicago Illinois.
Where do you live man? I live in d vegas, where did you think i lived man?!
by Robert E. Johnson March 27, 2007
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