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A town on the border of Illinois and Indiana that is known for it's shitty-ness. D-Vegas is actually Danville, Illinois, but is known as D-Vegas because of the irony. It is a ghost town. This town is where good, profitable businesses go to die. If you do not farm corn, you will become poor and be moved into section eight housing on the ghetto side of the city. Danville is a blackhole of shit, if you were born here, inevitably, you will be brought back. Somehow. Usually because you impregnated a woman and must come take care of her.
Skeeter: Man, come save me.
John: I thought you were on a road trip bro?
Skeeter: We got trapped in D-Vegas... there is no escape


Man, I had an AWESOME night in D-Vegas tonight. There was SOOOOO much stuff going on.
by Angree_Citizen April 03, 2011
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