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Adropos may be used to characterize a lot of different behaviors where a man (never a woman!) acts with unparalleled manner. It is the ultimate characterization that a man from Cyprus may ever receive. It is very difficult for someone to reach such a state and you may never be able to come across an Adropos. Most Adropoi (plural of Adropos) may be found in the Kingdom of Aradippou (a city-state-kingdom) in Cyprus. (for the ignorants; Adropos is ALWAYS written with two “omikron” and never with an “omega”)
En mialos Adropos olan! (slung Cyprus dialect)
by MIALOS ADROPOS April 06, 2005

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Niki would be the best definition for Adropa.
I niki en miali adropa!
by MIALOS ADROPOS April 07, 2005

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A person from the island of Cyprus. The most hospitable people on earth. Cypriots have greek origins. They speak Greek and have the same culture as mainland Greece. They are though doomed to live with the Turkish inhabitants of the island. (Doesn't matter, life goes on).
Cypriots are the best around!
by MIALOS ADROPOS April 07, 2005

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