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A religion run by a punk from ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand.

It has many followers.
CyprianBall - Game Of Rocks.
Cyprianos Dollar - Money.
Island Of Cypriaz - Official Island.
"Man, That guy is obviously a support of Cyprianism, He has an assflap and is smoking"
"Jesus, that guys paying for burger king with a cyprianos dollar!"
by Plagueathon May 19, 2008
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Cyprianism is an artistic Philosophy and Practice that acknowledges the Erotic Force and Its necessity in the creative process.

It is the modern version of an ancient mystery Philosophy and its related Practice meant to create Beautiful Masterworks out of the lives of those who follow it. It is taught through ritual and allegory and remembered in symbols. It has emerged several times throughout known history, most often within organized groups of artists and sacred courtesans (called “gardens”) and dates at least as far back as Periclean Greece with the Knights of Paphos. More information at
The purpose of Cyprianism is to offer a system to pursue a Beautiful Life and/or the creation of an artistic masterwork.
by Stoneinyourbeard June 06, 2017
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