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A beautiful, and cultured people, who although live on a tiny part of the British Isles, have a colourful, interesting, and varied backround.
The Welsh suffered badly at the hands of the English, during the times of rulers such as Edward Longshanks, and even had their language ruled as illegal. ( cos the stupid git didn't have the intellect to learn the language, and as many overstuffed, self righteous Englishmen, thought everyone was talking about him.)
The Welsh are proud, hardworking, and have survived, and will continue to survive any adversity.
The Welsh now have a government of their own, ( which, granted, is pretty shit at the moment) but is a step in the right direction. Despite all that has been done to try and break the Welsh spirit, they have battled on, and are now a recognised country in their own standiing again.
Sadly, there are still a few pathetic pretend Irishmen, like the one who has left a comment just above, who think that because their very distant ancestors had a rough time, everyone else should feel sorry for them, and pay their way for them for the rest of their lives, just because a very small minoroty of them didn't have the guts to hold on to their heritage. PIKEY.
example of a Welsh person?
Rugby loving
Hard drinking
................Fuck it, ME.
by Mwfanwy August 11, 2006
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Long live Wales. There is no other definition, it is quite simple.....even if you are english.
Guess where I hail from?
Wales isn't going anywhere. Cymru am byth.

English (for want of a better word) person: what is cumree um beethe?
Proud Welsh person: Shut up you toffee-nosed, in-bred, silver spooned wankstain........And no, it isn't great that your mother is also your brother's wife and your sister's mother-in-law.
by Mwfanwy August 11, 2006
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One day, two of the apostles were in Heaven, discussing God's creations on Earth.
They talked for hours of the things they believed to be God's greatest acheivments, when one turned to the other, and said, "But what about Wales?". The second apostle said, "What do you mean?" "Well, they have a land of breathtaking beauty, valleys low with rivers rich with trout and salmon so that they never go hungry, breathtaking scenery for the poets to wonder over. mountains full of ore and coal, so that they will always have industry and warmth. A tongue so beautiful, that strangers will be fascinated, but never quite grasp, which gives them individuality. Mountains high, which produce vegetation that is unable to grow anywhere else in the world, and such a rich array of wildlife, a man would never see them all in all his lifetime."
So the second apostle turns to the first, and says " yes, I agree, this land of Wales, and the Welsh people, seem truly blessed in many ways. Why has God favoured them so?"
His answer was simple.
"He's trying to make up for what they've got growing on their arse."
Wales is a great place. We have so much, you can't blame the rest for being jealous.
by Mwfanwy August 11, 2006
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