another name for cigarette, used as code name so nobody knows what you are talking about.
"you wanna go have a cylinder after school?"

"hell yea man ill meet you at the path"
by yourboynicky May 14, 2011
Cigarette . Since everyone knows what the term squares means, A new term has been made. Its based off the shape of the cigarette.
"hey man i could really use a cylinder."
"Sure i have a full pack"
by ilovetaytayj. August 24, 2011
Slang for the act of sexual intercourse between a male and female. Often used for intercourse in general, but typically for straight sex.
Did you hear about Jake? He cylindered Cindy.
I'd totally cylinder you.
Hey, you wanna cylinder?
by SQJQ January 30, 2011
a female private also know as a "box" because me and my friend decided that a pussy looks more cylindrical than box"y"
i love to stick my foot in her cylinder
by mcgoogle stick January 28, 2005
A 24oz can of Malt Liquor sometimes referred to as a tall boy. The original Schlitz Malt Liquor had the words "Master Cylinder" written down the side of the can.
More recently it has reappeared on a show entitled Frisky Dingo as a form of pant.
"Gonna get me check, get me a master cylinder, and get f*cked up!
by NoMeansMaybe April 22, 2011
The total number of internal combustion cylinders in your possession. (vehicles, gas powered equipment, marine and aviation all qualify). Popularized by "Garage Logic" A radio show on Minnesota's AM 1500.
"I have a cylinder index of 48"
by Charlie Dank June 27, 2007
The term was coined in episode 11 of Frisky Dingo. It is the act of wearing a beer can for pants.
Torpedo Vegas: I'm getting furious at you, you don't even have any pants on.
Xander Crews: Neither does he!
Torpedo Vegas: Well he doesn't have a penis! As far as I can tell...
Killface: I - uh -
Xander Crews: Yeah, what is the story on that?
Killface: Oh, like you can talk.
Xander Crews: Hey, my penis fills an entire tall-boy.
Quick cut to Xander, as Awesome X, dancing in front of the X-ticles, naked except for a beercan covering his groin and shouting "Master Cylinder!" through a megaphone. Cut back to Torpedo Jones' lair
Torpedo Jones: Scoffing I'm sure it doesn't fill it.
by HC2005 August 24, 2007