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Literally the dumbest game I've ever played. It's like Mafia Wars on crack except most of the people who play care A LOT. It takes literally less than a minute to play per day and 99.999% of what you do is play with your balls. However, like anything, in life no matter how dull the situation, there are lulz to be had. Most of your enjoyment if you don't have a social disorder will be pissing off the people who care WAY too much about their pixels and bring morality of all things into a spreadsheet game. Anyway, I've been playing for over a year now and as long as you look at it in the right way and join an alliance that doesn't care about the poor little defenseless nations being tech raided and....GASP losing their pixels, you'll have fun.
Guy 1 "I Play Cybernations"

Guy 2 "Awe man that sounds cool"

Guy 1 "Not really"
by Emperor Zalgo February 07, 2011
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A fun game that brings out the inner nerd in us all, however it is plauged by crooked moderators that feel as though 40,000 participants is a large number on the World-Wide-Web and so ban people from the site for ridiculous reasons including refering to the game as a "game" and for using smilies on the forums or fighting an alliance the moderators like.
Michael: Dude you check your cybernations yet?

Connor:Nah I got banned for signing on from a different IP address.

Michael:Did you send an appeal?

Connor: Yeah but it was improperly capitalized so I was denied.

Michael:Well at least you got your life back now.
by The Master Cooke October 05, 2010
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A fun browser-based strategy game in which you fight wars against other nations and join alliances. Moderator bias makes it impossible to fight against some of the larger alliances because the mods just delete enemy nations because the internet is serious business.
Person 1: Hey man, how's your nation in Cybernations?

Person 2: SwordOfEstel deleted it because I refused to trade with her nation "Pope Hope".
by treefinguy August 12, 2007
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Human form of hibernation. Where a person ends all social contact with other people in the name of the internet.
"Is Lewis coming out tonight?"..."no he's gone into cybernation"
by Augustus Scott Kennedy November 15, 2007
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When someone swears off social networking sites such as facebook or myspace for an extended period of time only to come crawling out of their cave by the following season. Usually done in cases of bad breakups on facebook, bragging rights for self-righteousness amongst friends, or a neighbor putting a password on their wireless internet connection. Can be used in verb form as cybernate (ing.)
I've been on facebook too much lately, maybe I should go into cybernation.
by bri777 January 13, 2011
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Cybernation is a word combining the words 'cyber' and 'hibernation'.
It has two possible definitions:

1) Cybernation is when someone cuts off all links to the outside world for prolonged periods of time (except their internet connection) and basiclly lives on/ with/ next to their computor.

2)Cybernation is when someone does not go on their computor for prolonged periods of time spec. social networking sites and the likes.

In both cases, it refers to cuting off social links in the computing and/or outside world, annoying others who want to communicate with them.

Forms: Cybernation; Cybernating; Cybernate; Cybernated
Richard: Have you spoken to Jonathon lately?

Darren: No, I think he's in cybernation...
by Igloo Ninja February 25, 2011
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