the worlds most amazingg, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, cutee, funny, kind, sweet, loving, adorable, amazing, precious, pretty, absolutely incredible gf in the world.
Maddy Paige is a cutie and the bestestt gf in the whole world.
by her moondoggy July 30, 2009
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any being that shows signs of a desired trait
someone who is attractive
a device used to change the subject in an argument
the way you stir your tea is SO cute

wow that alex is a cutie

person a: hey bitch clean this shit up
person b: hey did you know how cute you are?
person a: you know what i'm going to clean it up
by Garrett B, December 24, 2006
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a girl who has a a round angelic face,classy,perky,smart,and fun!
just like the cutie filipina actress Kris Bernal!
by uhhlkhil June 11, 2009
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A quarter-pound of marijuana. The term is slang from "QP" (que-pee).
What's good?
Everything man, jus' chillin'.
Got a cutie for me?
Of course, son! All day long!
by D+Man November 19, 2008
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A girl called amy that is the most hugable girl ever to exist
by Toast boi December 08, 2019
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A attractive person. A term used when desrcibing a little child that is adorable. A girl. A term tween girls used to describe boys. A brand of miniture oranges.
Wow! She's a cutie.
Awh! That baby is a cutie!!!!
Look at that little cutie.
OMG!!! He is such a CUTIE!!!
I love having a cutie. They taste so good.
by iamawesomeinsomanyways! August 16, 2011
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