one asks another this to save them a quarter of their alredy lit cigerette.
Hey can u cut me short.or
Can i get shorts.
by Matt January 14, 2004
Male shorts that are so short the male genitalia can be seen.
Damn, I wish that fag would put on some longer shorts. His balls are hanging out of his nut-cut shorts.
by jessie blum May 13, 2008
Someone who can’t read a tape in other words a fucking rookie. Never gunna make it as a Benny mac
U really fucked that rail u will never be a Benny Mac u cut it short
by Half ass fencer October 7, 2019
A faggot woman prime minister who got fuckin ownd by assasin
u get ownd !!!!
o yah totally dude

epic life cut short
by mohammod January 14, 2008
See that shawty over there, that's my short-cut.
by snipes59 November 15, 2011
meaning basically you don't take (bull)shit from anyone.
Derrick: "Erick's talking shit about your girl."
Geo : "real talk. i'll fuck his shit up!"
Derrick : "damn bro , you take no short cuts" ...
by babbieqirLxo August 1, 2011