Here is to all those visiting parents and their kids. Family picture in hand the witches scissor them out of the picture all right, cut outs every one.

Stick in there cut outs your not alone

The parent child relationship is sacred and Karma is a bitch
by Tonythetiler November 13, 2020
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To be drunk, high, or otherwise intoxicated.
KLC: "Yo Reid, I am soooo cut out."
Reid: "F**k it, go pierce your lip."
by Reid.. February 21, 2009
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Leaving ones place of work before the work day is officially complete. Often used with a lame excuse such as having to go to Karate practice.
Hey guys - I have to Cut Out Early to go to Karate. If the boss calls, just tell him that I have an offsite meeting.
by Hedo Dave June 4, 2004
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gods greatest source of pleasure and arousal.
Yay! Yay! I love matisse cut outs! Yay!
by Mr. Kisner May 10, 2005
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to be picked or to pick someone or something out of a large group of similair objects.
D: Did you go and talk to that girl on the dance floor.
C: ya she was cut out the herd
by T- Dog September 13, 2006
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A new age meme, in the nature of Youtube poop, where the photo cut outs, especially that of famous celebrities are manipulated against different backgrounds to play out a hilarious imaginary scene, or an entire series of episodes.

Pop stars are mostly the butt of this meme; their cut-outs are assembled & juxtaposed to fit a given scenario, & often times the lines from their songs are extracted & played as dialogues to match that scenario, which makes it ever so more entertaining. The Cut-outs usually don't talk, but are simply moved up & down when the particular character is speaking, & then other times they are moved around in particular ways to mimic certain actions as if it's a living character, just like in a game, but only lifelessy still. Even the expressions are sometimes manipulated by switching between different pictures, or with the use of animated effects. They can be costumed up to almost wearing anything through Photoshop or any such photo editing software.

This is the latest uprising fad after Mukbang & ASMR videos on YouTube. The term Talking Cut-outs meme can also be simply shortened to TCo/TCO meme for convenience.

VanityLessons, Stan Anime, RustyHill-秀山, Darianas Eggs are some of the top channels producing this meme content, & are really great at it.
Taffy : Hey, did you watch that new talking cut-outs meme of popstars at McDonald's that I sent you?

Rexa : Haha, I totally choked on my soda when I saw that. That shit's just unbelievably genius, creative & hilarious. All those dialogues ripped from songs like "I don't like", "Thank you next", "Taki Taki", "Boombayah", "This is what you came for", "I know what I came to do", "Ariana Run", "Now I'm the bad guy", "Yeah Yeah", "Sorry", "Ice Cold Water", "Hot Sauce", "One Kiss is all it Takes", "Finally" have become my favourites; & I'm not even talking about the actual songs.

Taffy: Wow, you certainly seemed to be addicted to those a lot more than me!

Rexa : Thanks for introducing them to me. I just totally love them!
by Halock September 17, 2020
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