Fucking tubbs. Fatter than a beluga whale.
you: yo, how you chilling with
friend: curtis why?
you: fucking big chungus
by bigchunguscurtis May 12, 2020
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Goes well with a person called phoebe
Curtis and phoebe are so cute
by Sean o brian November 02, 2018
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A Curtis is a white guy, normally claiming to be 10% black. They usually still live at home with their parents, and are known for having tiny hands and banana dick tattoos. They crash their white Chevrolet trucks over and over again and blame their friends for it. Most, tend to freeze-up when talking to girls, and it's usually a katie that will give them the ol' bambi legs.
"Ask the girl out already! Stop being a Curtis."
by Nib_Nob October 03, 2018
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Curtis is a very cute and generous person with a bright and charming smile. He makes a room laugh with a simple (occasionally) unfunny joke and is extremely talented , just might not realize it yet. Curtis is extremely handsome and an amazing boyfriend who is very loyal and trustworthy.
Curtis, that was a stupid joke

He's really cute
via giphy
by Tiredpigeon September 17, 2020
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a. The most aggressive and badass honey badger in a group.

b. The honey badger with even less than zero fucks to give
Look at that honey badger kicking the shit out of all those lions! He’s a real Curtis!
by Damo Cad February 11, 2019
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