Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual man.

Ginger Beer.... Queer!

I have also heard it used in relation to engineers, though I suspect they didn't like it very much!
That Quentin is a right ol' ginger!
by Thaarg The Almighty September 30, 2004
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Can be seen as a favorite party activity or a form of torture . A ginger beer bottle is shaken vigorously, popped open then shoved into someones arse before all the fizz comes out. Obviously when the fizz DOES come out, considering its new environment, well like i said, can be taken as a favorite party activity (for SOME) or a form of torture.
George: *running* How did those bastards find our hide out?
Adam: *running faster* They caught billy and questioned him...
George: Ha! So the little wimp told 'em everything after a few punches and kicks eh?
Adam: *slowing* No...they gave him the...

Enemy gang member #1: Yep, that's right. And you two are in for the same treatment.
Enemy gang member #2: Oh...what's this?...Why its two bottles of ginger beer! that fizz?
Enemy gang member #3: Hope you brought a change of underwear
Enemy gang member #4: Right, grab 'em....that's it....bend 'em over!
Enemy gang member #5: Get ready boys! Its GINGER BEER TIME!!!
by robenk January 24, 2007
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THE grossest soda in the world

It smells gross
Tastes gross
And it burns the back of my throat
Its gross and I hate it and you should too
If you like it, go back to area 51 you alien
John: I heard cindy likes ginger beer

Steve: ew that shits nasty

Cindy: *is a alien*
by Ilegithateeverything August 3, 2019
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nice drink that make a your throat hurt a bit sometimes
1: It burns! Stop it! Ah! It burns!
2: Sorry about that, maybe this ginger beer can help put the fire out?
1: What fire? My throat hurts
2: That's because it got stabbed, I'm talking about the raging fire that is burning the apartment down
1: Oh.
by polygloid December 28, 2022
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