A punk/horror band that is very interesting to listen to
I heard about creature feature, what are they like?

:Think...Nightmare before Christmas but punked out...in a good way.
by Dr. Berky August 16, 2009
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noun: an old school horror movie that's main feature is a monster or monsters hence the term Creature Feature.
The best thing about a Creature Feature is when the Monster eats people.
by Lycanthropiachic December 24, 2009
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While they are whored out by Hot Topic, and most of their fans are goth posers with tripp pants, they are actually a pretty good horror punk band.
When I say horror punk, don't expect horror punk along the lines of Misfits, which is typical rock driven by guitar, bass and drums. They are actually driven by synth drums, and two keyboardists that go by the pseudonyms Curtis RX, and Erik X, with Curtis doing vocals. Their name comes from a generic title for horror shows broadcast on local U.S. television stations throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
They do a very good job of capturing the feeling old b-horror movies gave off. Their lyrics reflect such subject matters as Zombies (Aim For The Head), being buried alive (Buried Alive (duh)), and probably one of my favorite songs by them is Gorey Demise, which features a meeting of monsters going through the obituaries in alphabetical order.
Sadly, their image is being ruined, so many old school punk fans will call them posers, especially horror punk fans, and never give them a chance. But I encourage any fan of horror and punk to go and check them out. Their debut album was released a while ago. It is called "The Greatest Show Unearthed." Buy it, and keep an open mind.
Creature Feature aren't really over-rated, just whored out.
by Nighthawk41 March 12, 2009
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A desirable feature of a creature comfort that further enhances its appeal to consumers.
The luxury SUV boasted a number of desirable creature features, including a heated steering wheel and front seat massagers.
by annekt June 12, 2019
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A weird, creepy or otherwise strange person that is undesirable to be around. This is someone who creeps you the fuck out.
Did you see that weird ass guy who kept staring you down? He was a total creature feature!!
by Lynnze November 2, 2011
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Describes the state of having a crowd of random-looking, undesirable or ugly people gathered in a particular place, especially in a social setting.
Man, this bar is a total creature feature: there are only ugly chicks and old guys in here.
by lilabner July 15, 2010
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A term used for accounts that only use the feature section on Ifunny, users who get called this usually get way too mad, acting as if you just called them a racial slur.
"Feature Creatures really like repeating the same jokes over and over."
by Hymen Buster IV October 26, 2020
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