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This is a violent and sudden shit evacuation caused by the overeating of a food drenched in curry and heavy spices from India. A person is usually very lucky if they've made it to the shitter in time.
That poor cab driver is going to have to burn that cab after the curry fury I left in the back seat!
by Ed Bodine March 10, 2006
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When you've spent more than an hour on the phone with technical support, and are no closer to a solution, but much closer to wanting to punch the support technician in the face, repeatedly, especially if they suggest turning it off and back on again might fix the problem.
I called tech support because my computer wouldn't turn on, and when they asked me if I could reboot my computer I was overcome by Curry Fury.
by Indigo Rage August 29, 2019
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Curry fury is probably the best halo 2 clan ever conceived. You can come visit them at
Man, we played team curry fury in halo today and got our faces rocked off.
by trooperHoward March 27, 2005
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