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To spill curry on oneself.
An example of being curried: Going to a shifty Indian restaurant in Japan and then at first bite dropping curry all down your clothes leaving a yellow stain. The resulting impact is the ultimate humiliation worst than shiting yourself.
by Curry muncher July 23, 2012
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when you are forced to work past your normal quitting time
I missed my daughter's wedding because my jerk ass boss curried me
by llvdoc September 05, 2017
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when a stupid Indian steals possesions as soon as there is an opening
that stupid fucken indian just Curried my loot. what a Curry
by Pollar January 11, 2018
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When your team really thinks they are gonna win the game and then Steph Curry decides to make multiple impossible 3s and you lose
Did you see the golden state-okc game last night? I thought okc was gonna win and then they got Curried!
by Chaz Badazz August 22, 2016
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When someone of pakistani, indian, nepali or sri lankan descent beats someone at a game or when you prove someone wrong in an argument, its as if you smugly handed them a big bowl of curry.
Ben: Hey thats the cornflakes chicken in the Geico commercial
Fatima: No that's the chicken from Looney Tunes
Ben: No Way! Ill bet you 10 beers that's the cornflakes chicken
Fatima: Deal

(1 day later when the chicken does turn out to be Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes)

Fatima: You just got Curried! Pay up with 5 beers and 2 scoops of icecream!
Ben: Why am I such a dope?
by Fats A. June 14, 2011
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