A mixture only created after a man "beats his meat" using lotion. The aftermath of his explosion leaves a substance containing used lotion and semen sprayed all of his hand, curdled milk.
Aw man... I got curdled milk all over my new bed sheet!
by LukeSmashing January 4, 2017
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A phrase used to describe someone as being very unattractive.
"She has a face that would curdle milk"
by L. Silverman May 13, 2008
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This is when you are out looking for a good time and feel like getting absolutly RATASSED!

You get half a pint of milk and put it in a glass/bowl or whatever you then enter the following alcoholic drinks!

-Archers Schnapps
- Malibu
-Smirnoff Vodka
-Glens Vodka
- Barcardi
- and various others that take you'r liking that are over at least 30%

You then add Sprite and by this stage the milk should hopefully have curdled!!

You then get a spoon eat out the chuncks of curlded milk before downing the remains!

You should hopefully be fine after this but it could lead to Vomiting!
James: Milk lines the stomache, i think we should drink some before we get down to the hardcore spirits!
Kayleigh: Yeah!...Why not mix the milk with the hardcore spirits!
Emma: That would be vulga!
Kayleigh: Its something new!
Jonathan:C'mon Andrew, you scared of a bit of a challenge!
Andrew Bob: Course not.. you think thats a challenge, you should meet my uncle!!
Shane: Alright Andrew! you fucking first then!
Kayleigh: Right! What shall we add then?
Jonathan: Every possible thing we can!
Andrew: Yea Mayte you is rocking!
Jonathan: Archers?
Kayleigh: Smirnoff?
Andrew: Water?
Emma: ANDREW! Water is piss!! If you want then you can have the sprite in ther!
James: Malibu!?
Andrew: Ok...Bring it on boys!
Kayleigh: Aww dnt forget the milk..!
Andrew: Oh Yea! Wheres the spoon then!
Shane: You are the spoon!
Andrew: Fuck Off Twat!
Jonathan: Go on then andrew!
Andrew: Alright!
(James Makes More!- Glass for everyone)
(All Down)

Jonathan:Woow thats nasty shit!
Kayleigh:Fucking Smoking Sister!
Andrew: I cant..the suspence!
Emma: Andrew Drink IT!
James: There we go guys! we have now attempted the -
Kayleigh: The Act Of Curdled Milk!
James: Yeah Thanx
Jonathan: Bock Bock Bock Andrew! Chicken!
Andrew:Shut Up Jon!
(Everyone decks andrew before doing a granny throw to him.
by x-Kaylzz-x January 29, 2008
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