Hello in HP, usually used to prefix coffee, lunch or beer. Generally HP chickens are feed a lot of steroid based corn and staff become docile and unproductive.
Bock Bock coffee?
Bock Bock lunch?
Bock Bock beer?
Bock Bock lets stay at lunch longer!
Bock Bock how can I get out of this?
Bock Bock I think my boss is sleeping with the staff...
by HPChickenFed December 2, 2010
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The noise produced when a male is fucking a female with large thighs and/or buttox. A combination of a clap and a slap but a deeper sound, BOCK BOCK BOCK BOCK
Dude that chick was stacked. - Jeff
Ah, shit did you bock bock that shit? - Eric
Yah man we did the bock bock all night in my dorm, it was so loud my roommate thought there was someone pounding on the door- Jeff
by Jeff from t town December 7, 2007
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