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This is one that is quite similar to the Cuntski but in this case she does not take ownership of being one. Although she realizes that she is difficult she could never fathom that she is in fact a Cuntster. This is the one often times that will even ask the question; Why is that girl such a bitch to me !?
My boss is such a misserable bitch, it's like she always has a stick rammed right up her fat ass.

Yeah, she sounds like a real Cuntster !
by JimmyD442 January 05, 2012
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A person with power or influence, usually in public office, who abuses their position by being a cunt.
As popularised by the Whitstable garage-punk band Centurion Sect
That Michael Gove, he's a real cuntster, and to think, they run the Country
by centurionsect March 07, 2018
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A hipster that listens to country music who wears tight pants and a cowboy hat, most commonly found in Austin Texas.
We went to a bar on East Sixth St last night and the bar was full of cuntsters!
by 1Munkie1 August 23, 2015
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