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THE ultimate Alpha Female of the species of Cunt. This is one who is not only okay with being a Cunt, but relishes in it, lives it's values day-in day-out and thrives to spread the feeling and impove upon their level of Cuntedness in the social pecking order. Much like the token fat or ugly girl in the group, this person is one that you want to be out with. They will always make you look like a better person than you are, will give the rest of the group something to talk about and is a great ice-breaker in social situations, as it is obvious to the rest of the world just how fucked up this person truly is.
Becky: Hey what do you think of that girl that Mary that we brought along ?

Suzy: I don't mind tellin' ya' ..... She's a bit of a Cuntski !!
by JimmyD442 January 05, 2012
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