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Verb informal
gerund or present participle: cuntfussing

(Of a cunt) bitch (complain)to someone, typically a man. It'll matter which is regarded as a annoying or illogical.
" I'm listening to my girlfriend cuntfussing over a missed call."
by Knight-Saladin December 21, 2016
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when an annoying person is fussing about something and or is inconsistently rambling and speaking and maybe nagging
James: No offense but your girlfriend is always cuntfussing about the smallest and weakest of reasons
Jack: Whats cuntfussing?
James: complaining
by W33niss January 06, 2017
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making a fuss about something so insignificant it don't really effect anyone or anything
oh stop cuntfussing. its just a toothpick
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by angel's hot April 18, 2018
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