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A person that is nearly as unimportant as a cotton swab that is stroked on the female vagina.
Person 1: You talking shit, ass eater?
Person 2: Shut the fuck up β€œcunt swab” head ass.
by WittyIG April 25, 2019
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An effective jab towards a man when he is behaving in an obviously less than masculine manner. This term is far more insulting than "douchebag".
*Disclaimer: Someone really needs to earn this title. No willy-nilly usage, please.
Teddy: "Did you see that shirtless, Italian guy cruising in his convertible Mitsubishi Spyder while blasting Rihanna? What a cunt swab, right?"

Iris: "Absolutely. Textbook definition."
by PistolG September 13, 2014
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One who consistanly, and effortlessly, ruins the fun in a social setting; typically by acting hysterical and moody.
Why do you invite that cunt swab Fuckball Fred over on poker night, he just cries like a little bitch when we beat the shit out of him and pour molten iron in his ass. Fuck that guy.
by Eapert McDangles June 10, 2006
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1. The male member, an instrument used to thoroughly "clean out" a woman's vagina.
2. A particularly pathetic individual.
1. I didn't know whether I could marry him, til I saw his mean cunt swab, that is.
2. Man, that fucking cunt swab ate the last oreo!
by shwafioso March 22, 2006
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An insult. Referring to an annoying person or "asshole". Usually a person who frequently takes place in acts of incest.
You know Issac? I heard he had sex with his sister.. What a cunt-swab
by Whiffles November 14, 2016
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